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The Musical Works of Lachlan Pierce

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About The Composer


Lachlan Pierce (they/them, b. 1992) is a nonbinary and neurodivergent composer born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, and is now based in Colorado, USA. They studied Music Education, Jazz Studies, and Composition at CU Boulder and CSU Fort Collins under Tom Myer, John Gunther, Peter Sommer, James David, and Wil Swindler. While Lachlan has been coming up with melodies since they could crawl, they officially started writing music for full ensembles in 2009 while still in high school. Their first piece, a big band chart called “Razzmatazz”, was premiered by their high school jazz band. They have been composing as a full time career since 2017. 


Since then, Lachlan's music has been performed on four different continents by chamber ensembles, concert bands, jazz ensembles, by musicians of every age and proficiency. Their music has been performed by the University of Colorado Symphonic Band, the University of Denver Wind Ensemble, the Colorado State University Jazz Ensembles I and II, and the University of Northern Colorado Wind Ensemble as well as several high profile programs across the world. Their music has also premiered at the Colorado Music Educators Association conference as well as reading sessions for several other music education conferences. 


In addition to their active music commission schedule, Lachlan is also active as a freelance concept artist, illustrator, and comic artist. Their ongoing comic series Year of the Marachi can be found online, and they maintain a busy schedule vending at pop culture and anime conventions across the country. When not composing, drawing, or traveling, Lachlan enjoys video and tabletop gaming, animation, food, and exploring nature with their spouse Nick, a music teacher, and their two dogs Balto and Morgana.

About Tuturu


Tūturu Music is Lachlan's own personal publishing company. Lachlan believes that all musicians at all levels deserve the best possible music, even when all the musicians can play is six notes. They also believe in writing music that is not forced or the bare minimum - only the ideas that come naturally end up on the paper, hence the name “Tūturu” - a Maori word for “natural.”

Tūturu Music, established in 2010, is a small, one-person operation. Everything is managed and run by the composer themselves.


  • Can I recommend your music to be included in women composer databases and repertoire lists?
    You can list me on such databases and lists, but please make it very clear that I am non binary. If the database doesn’t allow for this, please do not include me. Thank you for considering me and for being considerate of my identity!
  • I am interested in commissioning you or starting a consortium. Would you be willing or interested?
    Absolutely - commission work is some of my favourite! Please check out my “Commissions” page for more info and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  • Are you willing to come work with my ensemble, either in person or online?
    YES! I love working with groups and certainly have a history of doing so between school groups, universities, community groups, and honour bands. I can’t always promise being able to work with your group in person because I am frequently traveling but I can certainly do a video call.
  • I am planning out a concert featuring women composers - may I add your music to the program?
    I am always flattered and honoured to have my music performed by any group, but please do not program me for a femme-centred performance. I am transgender and non binary and no longer identify as female, so such a gesture would be inappropriate and dysmorphic. But thank you for your commitment to programming diverse music - there are so many fantastic female composers out there whose music should absolutely be performed!
  • I love your score covers, can I commission you to do some artwork or graphic design?
    Sorry, but no! I'm already impossibly busy as is so I limit my commission work to just music. There are plenty of (arguably more talented) artists online who would be delighted to take on commission work!
  • Help, I need a photo of you for a program or such!
    Here you go! OR would you rather have one with a dog?????
  • How many employees do you have at Tūturu Music?
    Just one - me! Even the scores are designed and made by me.
  • How long does processing and shipping usually take for scores?
    Processing can take up to a week for in stock scores and shipping within the US takes about 3-5 days. Shipping timelines vary for international orders.
  • Where can I find your illustration work?
    You can find it at my art website or on my art-specific instagram!
  • How long have you been writing?
    Technically I’ve always been composing, but my first official piece [Razzmatazz] was written in 2009.
  • How do I pronounce your name?
    Lock-len, please and thank you!
  • Pronouns?
    Pronouns! I kid. Please only use they/them when referring to me. Thank you!
  • Pets?
    I have two dogs! Balto is my husky mix and Morgana is my shiba inu - both rescues. They tolerate me. I love them very much.
  • What is your primary instrument?
    I majored in saxophone in college but played clarin